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Still struggling to find winning dropshipping products?
Building and running an e_commerce website is easy but it can be hard to make profit without the right strategy and team behind you.
With SOFTWEBERR we will collect for you all the viral and winning products for your store reducing the stress of roaming many places discovering the products. Enabling people to have a profitable dropshipping business by saving time & money.


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Why you will use SOFTWEBERR?

Provide you Top Trending and Untapped Products.

Research Audiences & Spy on Ads.

Product Adsets Targeting.

Video Ads of Products.

And much more...

Product Targeting Adsets

Say you have a winning product. You have all the information about it from researches, video ads and all. All of that means nothing if you don’t target the right audience for your product. Advertising a product to a wrong audience can generate a huge loss. Our specialists make sure you advertise our products to the correct audience, or how we like to say “audiences that convert”. In this way, you are sure to get better results!

Targeted Audiences

Stop testing products & start selling today​

Audience Research

Save countless hours doing tedious research

Video Ads and Ad Copy

Finding a winning product isn’t enough anymore. We know the importance of marketing and the impact on potential buyers, therefore we provide you with a couple of Social Media Ads that are not only good looking but guaranteed to raise the interest of your audience.

Video Ad Copy

Increase engagement and sales by using winning ads

Geography & Device

Instantly find the perfect customer profile for your product

Suppliers, Competitors & Profit Charts

Everybody struggles to find potential winning products. It takes a lot of tiring research and the results are not always guaranteed. We know that the odds are not always in your favor but don’t get discouraged. Our service provides you with proven winners, so that your store can prosper!

Suppliers & Competitors

Increase your sales quickly by using winning products

Profit Charts

Uncover best winning products based on data from real visitors.

Here is what you get when you join Softweberr today!

Build a thriving drop shipping business in under 90 days with hand holding guidance!

Trending and Untapped Products

Expert Level Product Description

Custom Professional Video Ads

Competitors & Suppliers Reports

Eye Catchy Thumbnails

Viral Format Ad Copy

Facebook Targeting Suggestions

Ali Express Vendor


24/7 Dedicated Support

What do industry leaders think about us?

In a word….WOW! Softweberr team are fantastic. I am so impressed with the quality of work and products they choose for my niche. The ads convinced me that I personally need every single one of these products for myself. Not only great products and ads/ they are super friendly and very helpful. I’ll be back for more products soon.


Really great products. I had my 40 product choices already so I was a bit worried he might have some products that will be the same as my existing ones. But alas! Nothing was the same as mine. Haha! The products were really, really good. I am super happy. Great work as well on the Product Descriptions and Video Ads. Delivery was also earlier than the deadline. Thank you, Softweberr


Good job! Best service and value for money I found here so far. Thanx guys, never stop improving and good luck in business. I will defenetely comeback and recommend to friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Softweberr safe and secure to use?

Yes. Our team is committed to making sure everything is completely secure at all times. All our payments and rebills are processed by Stripe and Paypal. We don’t keep credit or debit card informations. The safety of our customers it’s our top priority!

Do I need to install anything to use Softweberr?

Softweberr is cloud-based software, so there’s never anything to install or update. Just login into your account and start making money!

How Accurate Is the Data?

101% Accurate! Our research team is proud to say that our data is absolutely accurate. We have crossed referenced our multiple number of data from different sources, different platforms and from people that are actually selling our products – so yes, they are 100% accurate.

How can I import the Softweberr products into my store?

The products listed on Softweberr can be directly imported only into Shopify stores using the Oberlo plug in. Simply head over to the supplier link and click on the Oberlo icon in order to import it to your Shopify store. Edit the content using the provided info. Other platforms can use Softweberr and the provided research data as well but only with the option of importing products manually with no app.

Is there a contract?

Nope. Use Softweberr as long as you want. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want without any fees or penalties. I’m proud to let you know that my support team is the best in the industry, and if you need ANYTHING, all you have is contact our support team on: softweberr03@gmail.com

Can I manage my subscription?

Yes! You have total control over your subscription and can cancel/pause/resume from your Account Dashboard at any time . Once you have cancelled your subscription, no future charges will occur. Subscriptions made prior to 01.05.2020 may not appear in the customers dashboard and can only be managed through personal paypal account or by sending us an email at softweberr03@gmail.com and we will cancel the subscription for you.

Is there a cost for updates?

No way! We’re constantly updating Softweberr to make it easier, faster, and better. Anytime new updates come out, they are automatically installed by our team, so there’s nothing that you have to do… AND, you will never be charged a dime for anything new that’s added.

How often the Softweberr Products List is updated?

Everyday! The number of the products we add on a daily-basis depends on the quality of the products available on the Softweberr Market, we concentrate on the value of the products not the quantity because the product must match the winning product criteria, Our products list is growing faster everyday, and we’re working on adding more categories.